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Warning! Virtualization Is Addictive To Management

Now some of you are going to wonder about the title of this chapter. I can hear now, some of you saying… well duh. But for those that have some virtualization up and running, maybe in a lab, maybe even in production? These hapless souls may not realize that they have just introduced a drug, no a virus, that takes over technical infrastructure management from top to bottom, and drives normal humans into hardware consolidation crazed mindless zombies. Don’t believe me? Give your successful virtualization implementation another six months, long enough that the positive results to show up in the financial analysis for the year end, and it will happen. It has already happened. I have seen it, I have lived though it, and I know operational teams that are feeling the effects of it.

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What The Heck Are Containers?

There are a few new buzz words in virtualization! One of the seemingly vague terms, is Containers. The use of the word in context to virtualization is recent, but not the concept in computing, in fact one of the first desktop platforms to use this concept in limited form was Apple Computer, in its Macintosh OS 7.x, where individual applications could be isolated to a logical memory space.

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What is Virtualization? Can It Really Work For Us?

Virtualization is a simple concept to define, steal from Peter what he owns but does not use, and give to Paul. Or another way to look at it, virtualization is a form of computing communism! Take resources that are not used, and use them. Ok, so this is simplistic? Well, actually no. To explain my point, we need to go back to the early days of computer design and engineering, and the initial generation of software code development, which states: computing, regardless of the technology or the terminology, have two key resources, which are time and space. One key rule of computing is that you use time to save space, or you use space to save time, but you can not do both at once. Now why did I explain this in reference to virtualization? Because in virtualization the assumption is, that you have additional time and/or space that you are not using effectively, that there is always some time, or some space in a computer system that is not used effectively all the time, at least some if not all the time.

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What Is A Proper Virtual World? What The Heck Is Virtualization? Got Virtualization, Well Sort Of? Virtualization, Been There Done That, But What Is Next?

Does this title give you a headache? Well it should. In fact, it was designed to create them, and as a side effect, cause an insane number of search engine mismatches. Why would anyone do this? Easy to answer that one and glad to do it, to stop that thumping in between the ears.

As you may have already contemplated or realized that ‘A Proper Virtual World’ is a BLOG* about virtualization tactical and strategy themes that are common to all virtualization platforms, be said platform based on Xen, VMware, Solaris Containers, AIX Micro-partitions, Microsoft SQL, Microsoft IIS, or even Microsoft Virtual Server.

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Welcome to ToutVirtual BLOG!

This BLOG will serve as a resource for all types of virtualization users – from newbies to advanced users of virtualization – as each stage of virtualization carries its own unique challenges. Through this BLOG, we hope to provide perspectives that span across different virtualization platforms; discovering synergies and communal “pain points” (and their solutions!) along the way.

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